Arresto Solutions, has been founded with a deep desire and zeal to protect the human lives while working in hazardous industrial environment. The promoters of Arresto Solutions have over two decades of global exposure in personal protective equipment. (PPE) In the last few decades the focus on safety and wellbeing of the worker has led to an astronomical growth in the Personal protective equipment Industry.

Personal protective equipment is a life saving device and mere procurement of PPE for workforce does not guarantee complete safety. After investment in PPE it is important that the user is trained to use the PPE correctly, is aware of periodic maintenance process and gets the PPE inspected according to the requirements of the standards.

Arresto Solutions with Support of Karam the world’s largest manufacturer of fall protection, introduce the Kare inspection Software which is a one stop safety solution in creating awareness for the use of PPE and helps the user to maintain the PPE for its entire service life.

Kare is a cloud-based software which relieves the user from a mountain of paper records. The unique AIR system (Annual inspection reminder system) reminds user of pending inspections and never lets a user use equipment that are not inspected and may cause an accident.

The user management system of Kare allows equipment to be issued to individuals, thus ensuring accountability towards the upkeep of the equipment. The Mobile app provides each user vital information on inspection and periodic maintenance needs and helps in increasing the life of the equipment. Using Kare is a wise decision to cut down costs on PPE.

Rope access technicians need to maintain time logs of usage of equipment. The Kare RAT feature help Rope access teams to manage the inventory of assets as well as inspect their equipment when the frequency of inspection or the usage time has crossed The Kare knowledge tree feature is the user’s learning buddy and provides vital information about the products, including correct usage, periodic maintenance, certifications and inspection.

The Kare work permit feature not only makes work permit digital, it also captures images of site, user and equipment as an evidence of compliance. Kare work permit system takes safety to the next level.

Identifying a product through labels throughout it’s service life is difficult. The labels get damaged and are difficult to read. Kare has a unique ability to read RFID tags, Bar code and QR codes. Thus, identifying a product and its user is a click away. With inspection rules getting strict, using an RFID tag minimize the risk of rejection of a PPE in good condition but with an unreadable label.

Failure of machinery is the largest cause of accidents. The Kare Preventive maintenance feature dutifully reminds the user of pending preventive maintenance and help document preventive maintenance procedures and compliance.

Arresto Solution will continue to add on new innovations as we truly believe: –

“Technology saves Precious Human Lives”