ARRESTO – a game changer

Emerging Statutory Requirements For Managing Critical Assets

Gas Cylinders

  • Where it was bottled
  • Who is the dealer
  • When it was manufactured
  • Refiling
  • Safety tests
  • Locating stolen cylinders
PESO had permitted use of QR codes on 33.3 litres and 44.5 litres water capacity LPG cylinders which shall be scanned by ATEX certified equipment’s. As per recent Gazette Notification, high pressure cylinders (seamless) and cryogenic container used for filling of non-toxic, non-flammable gases and liquids shall have bar code or RFID or QR code or any means of electronic identification number.
The 3T Patented QRresto Dynamic QR Application

QR Code

Trace, Track, Test, Inspect, Maintain, Repair, Retire and Manage your asset with a single mobile based application that works seamlessly on Android, I phone and desktop computers.

The app works on certified phones for potentially explosive areas.

M/s Arresto Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

A Pioneer

The only service provider in Indian market to develop Patented Technology on Dynamic QR Codes/RFID Tags, named QRresto which also finds application in Domestic 14.2 kgs LPG cylinders, seamless pressure cylinders, medical oxygen cylinders, cryogenic containers, etc. This technology can be effectively used for managing asset like cylinders to resolve issues pertaining to adulteration, unfair practices, pilferage, tracking and tracing of cylinders. Dynamic QRresto QR Codes once applied on a cylinder can be uninterruptedly used even when there are changes to the list of tracking information required from time to time either by changing regulations or by company internal asset management program. This functionality eliminates the effort of replacing the QR codes for new set of tracking requirements in the event of change.

Arresto Software

A Mobile Based App

Is a mobile based application that works on Android and ios applications using QRresto QR codes for Tracing, Tracking and Testing of Gas and Domestic LPG cylinders. This QR code can be easily read by an intrinsically safe (ATEX certified) digital device which can also work in potentially explosive areas for accessing information about the purchased cylinder. The Dynamic QR Codes can be customized to include information like Place of bottling, Dealer details, Date of manufacturing, Refiling date, Safety Tests Record Locating stolen cylinders and many more as per customer.

QRresto QR Code

QR Code

The QRresto QR Code is all weatherproof label that provides a unique cylinder identifier and is used to track cylinders throughout the filling process. Out of many other optional services, Arresto software finds application for tracking cylinders to and from customers also.

Besides all, M/s Arresto Solutions renders “Manage Services” option for cylinder manufacturing as well as gas cylinder bottling companies where the entire asset life cycle including inspection can be managed through trained outsourced resources.